Web Hosting Trends 2020

Web Hosting Trends 2020

The best web hosting plan helps you to forecast your brands, services, and products, it is always necessary to choose the best and trustworthy service provider to fulfill all your expectations. The web host providers offer speedy, secure and increased uptime, they help to deliver better performance without any website downtime. There are many web hosting providers that compete to deliver the best service, there are many upcoming trends that need to be updated to satisfy customer requirements.

Best Web Hosting Trends 2020


Virtualization is an emerging technology that is most commonly used in big organization, now it is being trended in small scale business too. The Virtual Private Hosting hosts many virtual servers under one physical server, they provide separate space, storage and complete access for the website.

The VPS overcomes the drawback that is faced while using the shared web hosting and dedicated server. The virtualization helps to allocate separate space for servers and forms a multiple server allotment. They help to handle unexpected web traffic efficiently and provide space in remote locations.

The virtualization requires a manager who handles hardware and operating system.  The technology that enables virtualization is the Kernel-Based Virtual Machine. The types of virtualization are:

  • OS Virtualization
  • Application Server
  • Application
  • Network
  • Hardware
  • Storage

The Benefit of using Virtualization is it saves the money that you invest in IT hardware, power efficiency, easy maintenance, and cost-effective, provides reliable and secured service.

Cloud Technology

The cloud technology is offered only by a few web host providers since they are new for web hosting. The cloud hosting uses the resource of multiple servers, allocate space for your website, provides security and ensures hardware resources. It is a perfect solution for websites that have extended their resources and require more space in the server.

The advantage of using cloud technology is the scalability even during high website traffic they handle through cloud space, which reduces downtime and increases efficiency. They help to provide immediate service when your website traffic increases, without creating any problem in the server the cloud allocates server space from other cloud locations.

The cloud also reduces your money, you do not require to pay for the whole plan just you can pay for what you use, this saves you money. The major advantage of opting for cloud technology is that you can opt for more or less service depending on the website requirement.

Hosting Security Protocols

The web security is a major crisis that every organization is concerned about when you fail to protect your data’s then you will lose all your files that are stored both in server and device. Hence it is necessary to take care of data security, hence the advancement in web security is hosting security protocol for the websites.

They help to make regular backup and restores files when required, monitors network to detect any malware or suspicious attackers in the server, provides DDoS protection, firewall protection, supports and provides secured FTP, spam filtering, provides SSL certificate, SQL injection, blocks new users entering the server, and ask for regular password change.

Green Hosting

Web hosting providers are now upgrading their technologies to save energy and utilize them effectively. There is a survey that shows a single user releases 20-milligram carbon dioxide from the website. The green hosting provides improved performance, an increase in speed, uptime and high-level security.

They help to provide environmental support for the service they render. The green web hosting offers energy-efficient server hardware and software design, space efficiency for data centers, and natural cooling. Due to improvement in technology, all the electronic gadget releases more harmful carbon dioxide to the environment that causes serious problems in human health and other creatures.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is emerging in all streams, now it’s been trending in web hosting also. They help to protect your data’s in servers from malware and hackers. Cloud technology has incorporated AI also in web design. The major advantage of using AI is that they diagnose suspicious viruses and files earlier than other web securities. The AI will soon be incorporated in web hosting to solve the hacking and data loss issues. They provide high-level security for the server.


The web hosting providers get upgraded every time, the trends get changed for every time span. The above topic we have discussed the web hosting trends 2020 using the virtualization, cloud technology, hosting security protocol, green hosting, and artificial intelligence that improves the web hosting performance and web security.


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