Latest Web Hosting Deals Trends 2019

Latest Web Hosting Deals Trends 2019

The web hosting keeps upgrading its hardware, software, and protocols to satisfy customer requirements and delivers secured services also with improved speed. The improved performance makes your website gain a good ranking in SEO. In this blog, we have detailed about latest web hosting deals trends 2019.

The Latest Trends In Web Hosting Deals 2019

Green Hosting

There are many web hosting service providers who now opt for green hosting to save power and resources, they aim for Eco-friendly environment. The servers, routers, switches, and other software are designed with low energy consumption to recycle and renew things. The survey shows that 20 milligrams of carbon dioxide are released by a single website, nearly there are more than 3.5 billion web users around the world, hence it is necessary to go for green web hosting. They also save your money due to the less power consumption, now there are many companies who adapt for green hosting.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is more used by Virtual Private Server. They are the virtual web hosting providers who allocate space in the cloud to save your data files. The major advantage of using cloud hosting is that you can only pay for what you use. They also allocate more space when your website traffic is high. The cloud hosting delivers improved security standards for the server and there is no situation of facing server downtime. They automatically switch to other cloud servers when there is a server issue, also the cloud hosting plans are at an affordable cost. The automatic backup helps to protect the data from malware, hacking and viruses.

Authentication Protocols

It is always a great challenge to administrate and protect your account from unknown users, and hackers. In 2019 the login process requires two-factor authentication to deliver high-level data security. The new authentication protocol in 2019 now asks for the CAPTCHA to confirm whether humans are accessing the website. The mail services and other accounts now ask to upgrade to two-factor authentication which keeps your data files and information safe. The SSL certificate is also provided by the website to know the security standard.

Advanced Website Designing

There are many new software and protocols that keep upgrading, to deliver improved service. The new technology that is being used in website designing to advanced level is HTML5, JavaScript framework. The hardware now uses solid-state disks to render high-speed performance. The users also have good knowledge about the hardware and software that are used on the website, they seek perfect specification and details.

Content Management Systems

The CMS is necessary to get optimized to improve website performance. The updated CMS that are now been used are Madwire and Quip that offer easy installation and more compatible Plugins. The CMS offers content creation, storage, management and publishes the contents. The advantage of using CMS is to collaborate with many users at a time at any time, they do not require wide technical knowledge.

Automatic Backup

The major advantage of using web hosting is the automatic backup feature. They automatically backup the files at a frequent time interval. The CMS platforms like Joomla, WordPress offers many plug-ins that make backup and can be easily retrieved when you lose the files because of hackers or viruses. Even when your system is off they keep automatically backup your files. Depending on the website and web host the backup occurs hourly, weekly or daily.


The Virtual Private Server uses virtualization since they have a virtual server for file storage. They offer improved performance, reduces downtime, high data security and backups files automatically. They contain a virtual machine monitor that separates hardware and the parts. There are many types of virtualization like network, storage, data, desktop, server, and application virtualization. They save energy, cost-effective, reduces hardware usage and improved software design.

Upgradation of Hardware

The web hosting providers use solid-state disc technology and cutting edge processors in the server to provide upgraded service. The factors that you need to look at are the operating system, storage, scalability, and easily manageable. The hardware servers that are used are the cheap custom-built server, expensive custom-built server, pre-built tower server, pre-built rack server units. You can customize the hardware depending on your usage.


The above topic we have discussed the latest web hosting deals trends in 2019 that helps to know the complete description about them. When you are looking for the latest web hosting services, you can have a look at all the above-mentioned points and choose the right one.

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